Paddock Slashing

Tractor slashing can be used for many situations including thick heavy grass, fire hazard reduction, paddock maintenance, property clearing and property sales.


Our 2.3m ( 7.5ft ) heavy duty Mulcher is great for paddocks where a neat clean finish is required. The grass is cut into smaller pieces and ”Mulches” back into the soil quicker with no windrows left behind. Perfect for horse paddocks where it can disperse the manure evenly or for the even distribution of grass seed planting like rye grass coming into winter.

It also handles the long thick grasses very well.

Left is slashed grass and right is mulched.

Light Scrub Cleaning

Our extra duty slasher can easily cut through lantana, blackberries, small camphor laurel and saplings up to 2 inches in diameter.  Our 4 in 1 loader is used to clear up fence lines or push dead trees etc into piles for burning.

Fire hazard reduction

Slashing grass is important for fire hazard reduction as regular maintenance will reduce grass and vegetation which fuels bush fires.

Gravel Road / Driveway tidy-up

Our front end loader on the tractor is equipped with a 4 in 1 bucket which can be used to form roads, tidy up driveways, or level out uneven surfaces.

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